About Credy

We operate in the consumer finance field with emphasis on consumer loans. Our main goal is to satisfy both ends – the client and the lender.

The client has to get the best loan terms currently available on the market and the lender should increase its traffic through cooperation with Credy.

Overview of our business

Credy was founded in 2013. There was only the Tallinn office at first, but there has been considerable growth over the years. A hub in Tartu soon followed. Since 2014 Credy has expanded to 18 different countries on 3 different continents. The partners include some of the most prominent loan companies in the world. In addition, Credy has an excellent affiliate program that further serves the interests and needs of the partners.

Credy’s main features are versatility - products are accessible via email, display ads and through affinity marketing relationships and the ability to increase our customers’ revenue fast - over 95% of our new partners have reported a significant increase in earnings.

Currently Credy is represented in:

Our mission

The mission is to take online consumer loan service to a new qualitative height and to be the number one in our field.

Our vision

The vision is to satisfy every customer and offer the best conversion rates to partners. To monetize every lead and offer a solution to every single one of the customers.