Monetize your traffic and maximize your earnings

Through superior service and innovative technology Credy will help you monetize the traffic you have as an affiliate.

This is done through performance-based advertising opportunities.

Credy’s international team
will work with you to get the desired result

Credy provides the highest level of service and has a solution-oriented and proactive mindset.

Committed to create the most diverse, well connected and effective affiliate network for financial services.

The team has a strong know-how to bind technology and communication, exposing crucial insights in this dynamic field.

With this knowledge, comes the capability to deliver supreme results for affiliates.

Scheme of how we work

Promote to your audience by running campaigns and publishing on your webpage. When users follow the link and perform an action, you earn money. You will earn from every delivered action.

What does Credy offer affiliates

Credy works with all of the biggest lenders. By taking into account their specific credit scoring systems it is possible to convert leads much more efficiently than a single lender does. Online loans are one of the best converting industries with very good commissions. On average, 10% of a working population within any market use payday loans 3-5 times per year, and that percentage keeps growing.

Highest conversion rates
Best payouts
Easy setup
100% on-time payment
Wide range of tools

Marketing Tools


If you have a website with information on loans or other financial products then you are a perfect fit for our platform that connects directly to lenders. All you have to do is add our simple Credy application form to your site and start converting leads right away. We will provide you with a unique affiliate ID and login information for tracking results in real time in Credy’s affiliate network.

Our Website

Visitors can also be directed to one of our existing websites. We have more than 10 highly converting sites that are constantly being improved. All of our websites have been A/B tested to ensure the best results.


We also provide a white-label design service for loan sites because our team strives to offer a world-class service to help you maximize your return on investment. This includes providing support from start to finish during the integration process of our platform on your site as well as making sure you are aware of and comply with the best marketing practices that will keep lenders interested in purchasing your leads.

API, Banners, E-mail Templates

If you are a list manager looking for high ROI, then Credy’s loan affiliate program is the right choice because it allows you to have a constantly updated database of creative elements at your fingertips.